When making a wedding film, I love to focus completely on the story: who you are, where you've come from, and your love for each other!

I will put my utmost effort into telling your story as accurately and personally as possible.

One of the things that my couples often love about their wedding films is that they capture the feelings of the day so closely to those that they actually felt on the day. 


This results in a film that can allow you to relive the emotions of the day every time you watch it.

On the day I aim for the most friendly, personal and yet unobtrusive style possible.


You'll see me interacting with your guests, getting to know the names of your friends/family, and yet remaining in gear for the entireity of the day; ready to go at all times.


When choosing a wedding videographer,  it's really all about you.

Are you interested in the cinematic, beautiful imagery and the sound of your family and friends voices over the top, or would you rather just have a continuously recording camcorder at the back of the church, or a mix of the two?! 

Its totally up to you!

For me, its my biggest fear that you would recieve a plain and simple, single camera, feature length wedding film that you only watch once or twice, and then it lives, gathering dust, on a shelf in the loft!

My goal is that you end up with a film that you can watch a million times and not get bored, that you can show to your loved ones without feeling like you're boring them, and that you can share publicly online, to show people what an awesome day you had..

So here is my offer to you:


If you choose to have me as your videographer, you will be getting coverage from the start of the wedding, to the end (if that's what you'd like!); I'll arrive at bride prep and then only leave once you've left the reception.

You'll receive a 6-8 minute highlight film, consisting of footage captured across the day as well as soundbites from the ceremony and speeches, delivered to you within 2 weeks of your wedding, in the hope that when you return from your honeymoon (if you choose to go on one) there will be a beautiful memory of your day waiting to welcome you home.

This is priced at £950with no hidden costs/fees, payable through bank transfer/paypal; I'm easy!